TW is waiting to hear back from QM re use of projection room as a production gallery. Need to check cable routes to/from room. Fallback would be to set up the production gallery in the foyer - also need to check cable routes.

pre-production to do listEdit

queries for qmEdit

  • audio from PA
  • access to projector room in LT
  • batteries for radio mics

live video chainEdit

  • source DV cameras and test with dvswitch + live streaming + dv recording
  • test aston output to dvswitch
  • prepare astons for 'live coverage will begin/resume at', 'live coverage is about to begin/resume',
  • test playout into dvswitch
  • test talkback
  • test provisioning of DV files on external HD for editing


  • programme videos for access breaks

web presenceEdit

  • get sean to create live page subdomain
  • design live page and upload to s3
  • source livestream host

internet connectionEdit

  • test internet connections (eduroam + O2) with simultaneous live stream uploading + connection sharing through open wifi access point. test what happens when open wifi client tries to use all the bandwidth (can dd-wrt do bandwidth throttling?)


  • write emailout, tweets to advertise livestream
  • email each sponsor to ask for contact details of twitter admin and email list admin. ask to prepare to tweet/email as soon as live stream goes lives at ~10.30am