The live stream went out successfully on Saturday 1 December 2012. You can see some of the recorded videos on Youtube. There are also debrief notes. The pre-event plan is below for archive purposes. TMW (talk)

11:00, December 6, 2012 (UTC) This is the plan for livestreaming Up the Anti, a one-day conference taking place in London, UK on Saturday 1st December 2012. For more on Up the Anti go to


what are we trying to achieve?

  • To deliver a high quality live web video stream of the sessions in the main lecture theatre, including floor discussion.
  • To engage an online audience who are invited to participate through Twitter. This Twitter buzz will in itself serve to advertise the event to a wider audience.
  • To project a Twitterfall of the online response in the lecture theatre (subject to moderation and consent of speakers. alternatively, read out some tweets during the floor discussion).
  • To record the sessions in near-broadcast-quality for upload immediately after the event.
  • To produce an edited highlights video as soon as possible after the event.
  • To provide a high quality audio stream for alternative media (radio stations) who wish to cover the event.

technical specificationEdit

  • Two or three standard definition DV cameras (preferably 16:9, 3CCD) to be tripod-mounted in lecture theatre, each connected via firewire to a laptop running dvsource-dvgrab . These will ensure good coverage of the speaker and floor discussion, and provide cutaways of audience to create a sense of context and deliver engaging video.
  • Audio to be taken from PA system to cover speakers and floor discussion via handheld radio mic. Omni-directional mic to be placed at front of lecture theatre as a fallback in the event of PA problems. PA speaker to be mic'ed up if direct output not available.
  • Vision mixer: a laptop running dvswitch. This will take inputs from the camera laptops, from pre-prepared astons, and from pre-prepared DV files. This will output to: encoder for live web stream; DV files to be encoded later and uploaded to Youtube; DV files to be separately edited into a highlights video.
  • We can play out videos over the live stream during the interludes. These will probably need to be transcoded to DV in advance.
  • Sound mixer: portable mixer to be sourced. Mic input, PA input, output to one of the cameras or to dvswitch laptop.
  • Cueing and talkback: each laptop will be running mumble or similar for talkback between the director and camera operators using a headset. Each laptop will have a tally light output running off dvswitch.
  • Web page to provide embedded live video + embedded Twitter widget for event hashtag.
  • Laptop to be connected to lecture theatre projector to display Twitterfall.
  • Internet connection via eduroam with a 3G dongle as a fallback.
  • Streaming video host to be determined.


We should aim to fill these roles, but could get by with fewer people if this is not possible.

role 9am-2.30pm 2.30pm-8pm
director/vision mixer
sound mixer
camera operator 1
camera operator 2
twitterfall moderator
floor manager

Floor manager would be in the lecture theatre to ensure the microphones are being used correctly and liase with the chair and camera operators in the event of an unexpected problem. Sound mixer would be responsible for monitoring levels and could assist with cueing up astons etc. Other roles are self-explanatory.


  • dv cameras with tripods x2
  • tally lights x2
  • headsets x4
  • mixer + cables to connect to PA + mic + audio into DV camera
  • 2x camera laptops; 1x switching/astons/playout/encoding/internet laptop; 1x monitoring laptop
  • 1x twitterfall laptop
  • router for video network + network bridge/open hotspot
  • network cables for cameras + twitterfall laptop + hotspot
  • printer for selected tweets?
  • mains extension leads for everything


time conference video crew
9.00 Video crew meet
9.30 Venue access Set-up
10.00 Registration
10.30 Introductory session starts Live stream starts
11.00 First discussion starts
12.15 Lunch break Interlude 1 (45 mins)
13.00 Second session starts Live stream resumes
14.30 Break Interlude 2 (15 mins)
14.45 Third session starts Live stream resumes
16.00 Break Interlude 3 (15 mins)
16.15 Fourth session starts Live stream resumes
17.30 Break Interlude 4 (90 mins)
18.15 General assembly
19.00 Fifth session starts Live stream resumes
19.45 Close De-rig

further detailsEdit

Further details are on the Tasks page.

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